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Nature Trails

Did you know Tropical Rainforest coverage over the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is 84.4% of its total geographic area?! The islands have been described as a “veritable storehouse of plant biodiversity” for their impressive plant species richness and endemicity. Over 2,500 flowering plant species have been recorded from these small islands, of which 10% are endemic. The vegetation transitions from coastal and mangrove forests to evergreen and deciduous forests inland. The mangroves are dominated by species of the family Rhizophoraceae, while the inland forests are dominated by trees in the family Dipterocarpaceae that are typical in Asian mainland forests.

Join us for a hike through these enchanted forests and feel yourself being in one with nature. Cool yourself down by snorkelling in azure waters. The ocean with its different shades of blue is ready and waiting for you to immerse yourself - you deserve it! While snorkelling we will try and  cross paths with the resident turtle that lives among these reefs. Schools of Humphead Parrotfish, anemones, Batfish, shrimps and lobsters are just a few of the marine life that we will be spotting here.

Refreshments will be provided.

Additional Information:


Moderate Physical Fitness

Age Requirement:

6 Years & above.


Half Day

Cost per Person:

INR 4,500 (including 18% GST)

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