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Inter - Tidal Walk

Are you a beach bum who enjoys long walks along shorelines and don’t mind getting your feet wet? Do underwater critters intrigue you? If you have answered Yes to either of these questions then sign up now for an exclusive experience to take a sneak peek into what goes with our ocean when the tide is out. A little patience and a lot of curiosity will bring you up close and personal with creatures that either decide to stay back in shallow waters when the tide goes out or they just fail to go out with the tide, and hence wait for the tide to rise again so they can join their mates back in the sea! This guided walk will focus on marine ecology, intertidal habitats, as well as its inhabitants. One can expect to come across marine life such as sea cucumbers, juvenile fishes, crabs and even the odd octopus!

An Intertidal zone is the area that’s above water level during low tide and underwater during high tide.

Availability of intertidal walk is dependent on tide levels.

Guided intertidal walks are led by our experienced Divemaster who are familiar with the shore, ensure safety and will show you fascinating marine organisms which are usually well camouflaged or hidden.

Additional Information:


Moderate Physical Fitness

Age Requirement:

6 Years & above.


1.5 Hours

Cost per Person:

INR 2,000 (including 18% GST)

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